HD Bearing Adapter Kit

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New Style HD Bearing Adapter Kit

This kit allows you to easily convert older style bearings (101-35) to the new style Argo HD bearing(101-95). Eliminates the need to make body modifications or replace the factory bearing extensions.
  • Complete Kits available for Conquest/Response/Bigfoot/Vanguard/Vanguard 2/Frontiers/Avenger models
  • Kits can be used with many amphibious ATV applications. Contact us to learn more.

Your Complete Adapter Kit comes with:
  • Adapter plate with correct application specific bolts - $19.00 each
  • 101-95 Ball bearing 1.25x72mm - $44.10 each
  • 606-88 Outer bearing flange assembly - $28.60 each
  • 606-89 Axle bearing carrier - $10.89 each
  • 606-90 Flange Gasket(3) - 5.28 each
  • Total per Axle - $118.43 *includes everything necessary to quickly and easily upgrade your outer bearings....
Last Updated On 2021-09-23